#2 Secure Private Channels in Teams – Finally?

By Neil Hobson on

When I first floated the idea of writing this column twice a week, little did I realise that the first post would go out on a Thursday. Since I’ve got plans this weekend, that leaves today to fulfil this twice-weekly goal otherwise I’m off to a bad start! Fortunately, today I have something that I feel is interesting and important to share. Having said that, hopefully that will be the case for every post!

Yesterday I was reviewing the Office 365 roadmap updates and something jumped out at me. If you go to the Microsoft Teams UserVoice site and look at the ‘Top Ideas in Teams‘ section, the idea titled ‘Support for Private Channels‘ is top with a figure of over 22,000 votes. This is a request that has been around a long time as Microsoft Teams has not historically offered private channels. In Microsoft Teams, all channels are currently available to all members of that team. Microsoft acknowledges this issue via a support article titled ‘Create a private channel in Teams‘, which gives the current guidance of creating a new team and restricting membership to the desired audience.

The subject of private channels has surfaced many times whilst I have been delivering Teams seminars and adoption sessions with customers. It’s possible that introducing private channels in Microsoft Teams has been a complex feature request for Microsoft to produce, due to the way that Teams integrates across many Office 365 services. It was good to see a comment from Microsoft a few weeks ago in the UserVoice site, that the private channel feature was in preview with a select group of customers. It was even better to see Office 365 roadmap feature ID 50588 for Teams secure private channels with a status of ‘in development‘ and a target release date of August CY2019.

Image: Microsoft Teams secure private channels in development

This is something I shall be keeping an eye on as I start to think about the training and adoption requirements. It’s great to see that this feature is nearly here.

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See you soon for some more nuggets!

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