The Power of a Collaborative Strategy: Essential Tools

By Marc Irwin on

Better collaboration accelerates business, produces more valuable employees, and strengthens customer relationships.

For most organisations, collaboration is not just important, it is essential. Working in teams or with others is simply the way work gets done today. But the way we collaborate is rapidly changing. Work force demographics are shifting, workgroups are becoming more global, people are becoming more mobile, and new tools are transforming the work place.

Collaboration Tools

The tools available now are all designed to consider new working practices. Placing your infrastructure in the cloud using Azure does away with the need to create complicated pathways for teams and individuals to access company data and files. Office 365 now make collaborating easy by giving you the ability to access your files across all your devices and edit documents together at the same time. Sharepoint empowers individuals, teams and organisations to intelligently discover, share and collaborate content and gives companies the opportunity to create powerful intranets. Learn more about our IT and SharePoint support services.

Benefits of effective collaboration for businesses

Collaboration tools enable you to build a corporate community and social network that focuses the knowledge and creative power of employees, partners, and customers on your organisation’s objectives improving morale and productivity. However, to gain maximum effectiveness from these tools, it is vitally important to implement, configure and utilise them correctly. The key to this is ensuring that the people and processes are enabled to make use of the technology.

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Silversands regularly hold IT workshops to provide you with the tools to improve your businesses IT structures, including SharePoint workshops. Read more about our experiences with the SharePoint framework or to find out how we can help improve your collaboration, please call 01202 360000 or fill out the form below.

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