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If you implemented Office 365 prior to the latter part of 2016, your Office 365 tenancy is most likely located in EU datacentres (Ireland, Netherlands, Finland or Austria).

After this point, any new deployments which selected United Kingdom as the country will have been deployed in the new UK data centres.

For original EU deployments there is any opportunity to relocate the tenancy to the UK but only until September 15, 2017. After this time, it will not be possible to transparently move your tenant location.

Once requested, data moves are completed during a 24 month period defined and managed by Microsoft. During this process, the majority of functionality will be seamlessly available although there may be the odd disconnect and reconnect (such as for Skype) as the services are transitioned.

It is also the case that the move is a one-way option.

More information about this move is detailed in this FAQ:

Why Would I Want To Move My Tenant?

There is no absolute requirement to move your data to the UK but there are a number of reasons you might consider this:

  • There might be a small performance benefit
  • It is organisationally-preferable
  • Your governance or compliance requirements dictate data residency should be in the UK
  • Post-Brexit uncertainty may drive you towards locating data in the UK.

Equally, you may decide to maintain your data in the EU because you might consider that the data protection laws could be stronger than the ones the UK may end up with after Brexit.

How Can Silversands Help?

The data residency move is a simple operation that can be initiated from the Office 365 portal and which is explained in the link above.  However, if you would like to discuss any aspect of Office 365, then please get in touch.

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