#3 Yammer Q&A

By Neil Hobson on

I know what you’re thinking: this is going to be a question and answer session on Yammer. Well no, not really. While it would have been nice to sit down and do a video-based Q&A on the topic of Yammer, this post is still about Yammer, questions and answers but in a different way. I’ll be honest with you, I wrote the essence of this post a few weeks ago when I was forging the idea of Neil’s Nuggets in my mind – so it’s a little late, but better late than never I guess.

Anyway, back to the subject of questions and answers. Asking questions and receiving answers improves our own knowledge and engages other people across the organisation. When discussing Yammer with organisations we always discuss how Yammer can help drive engagement and discussions across an organisation. Questions are part of that engagement across an organisation and can be common in Yammer groups regardless of whether that group is frontline worker engagement, departmental discussions, technical support or communities of interest.

A new feature that has been rolling out to Yammer helps with questions and answers. I hope you’ve already seen this feature and are using it, but if not then fear not and let me explain. It is now possible to ask a question in a Yammer group using a dedicated question format and for one of the answers to be marked as the ‘best’ answer. The idea of marking a response as the best answer is nothing new; it is a feature that already exists in other collaborative platforms such as the Microsoft TechCommunity although in reality it is known as the ‘best response’ there.

When starting a new conversation in a Yammer group, the question format can now be selected:

Image: New Question Yammer feature

Responses to questions can be marked as the best answer by the person who asked the question as well as the group administrators (that’s those with the little star on their profile pictures, to you and me). Marking the relevant answer as the best answer pins that answer directly under the question.

Image: Yammer querstion feature response

Why is asking a question using a dedicated question format with the ability to mark the best answer important? Surely the presence of a question mark at the end of a sentence indicates it’s a question anyway? Of course it does and I’ve just asked two questions to demonstrate that (of course, I understand that some languages such as Spanish use inverted question marks at the beginning of a sentence containing a question!)

Yammer has historically provided the ability for users to start a conversation with a question and ask for feedback from across the organisation. However, these conversations did not use a dedicated question format and provide a means to identify the best answer. Finding the best answer could prove challenging to someone else reviewing the conversation if the answer was buried deep in the middle of multiple responses. Marking the relevant answer as the best answer and pinning it directly under the question means this new Yammer feature makes it easier to locate the best answers to questions. I believe that’s a good thing as I’m always asking questions on Yammer. I’m also frequently looking to quickly find answers that are sometimes buried deep in the increasingly large pile of information out there!

Arguably a small but powerful change and one that can be considered for communication to Yammer users to ensure they’re aware of it and making maximum use of the feature.

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See you soon for some more nuggets!

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