Microsoft Threat Protection. What is it?

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Microsoft Threat Protection. What is it?

Cutting to the chase, Microsoft Threat Protection (MTP) is not a single product. MTP is the employment of Microsoft security services to protect and defend organisations extensive and varied attack surfaces. Deploying Microsoft security services proportionately to protect against specific or wide-ranging attack vectors. Many of which organisations will find they are already licensed for, but may not be used to their full value.
Microsoft provides an overview of the products that can be considered to form parts of the MTP offering on the Microsoft Threat Protection announcement on TechCommunity.

These are broken down into the attack vectors:
• Identities: Azure Active Directory Identity Protection, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security
• Endpoints: Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Windows 10, Microsoft Intune
• User Data: Exchange Online Protection, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Office 365 Threat Intelligence, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security
• Cloud Apps: Exchange Online Protection, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security
• Infrastructure: Azure Security Center, SQL Server, Linux

Microsoft Threat Protection. Why use it?

Almost anyone in the IT industry will agree that no single product can protect an organisation from all threats. Many take this view to also mean that the array of products required to protect an organisation from relevant threats should not be sourced from a single vendor. This is no longer a valid interpretation.
Gartner has named Microsoft as a leader for endpoint protection for 2019.

This endorsement from Gartner further emphasises that the ‘multiple vendors are better’ and ‘Microsoft can’t do security’ views are no longer appropriate.
Microsoft especially provides a breadth and depth of services and protection capabilities that result in unparalleled insight into your organisation and the threats and vulnerabilities present.

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Many third-parties provide deep and powerful detections and capabilities, however, the multiple vendor approach inevitably means that the signals from the diverse portfolio of security products deployed across an organisation will not coalesce or enhance each other, often existing entirely within their own silo.
The key for many organisations is to understand the risks that threats pose, the relevant attack vectors, and the greatest and most impactful risks currently present. MTP services empower organisations to identify current risks and mitigate those risks in ways that continue to empower the modern workplace.

A high-level overview of MTP and how it can help your organisation can be found on the Microsoft product page. Microsoft has also addressed some of the diverse management interfaces with the changes to the new Microsoft 365 Security center. The breadth of services forming MTP feed actionable alerts and signals into this portal.

Microsoft Threat Protection. Who is it for?

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All organisations large and small can benefit from MTP. Many will already be benefiting from elements of MTP without realising it.

How Silversands can help you

Silversands consultancy services assist organisations to identify existing threats, the prevalence of those threats, and the options available to secure the modern workplace and empower users to work productively and securely.There are licensing requirements for Microsoft Threat Protection services, however, many organisations will find that they are already licensed for key elements such as Azure AD Premium, Microsoft Intune, Office 365 Cloud App Security and more. Silversands consultancy services will empower organisations to make full use of existing license and service investment, identifying key additions or changes required to meet security requirements. Often Silversands is able to recommend consolidation of services, resulting in lower operational costs.

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