Microsoft Teams meeting feature innovation

Image: Microsoft Teams meeting features Neil's Nuggets #15
By Neil Hobson on

Microsoft Teams meeting feature innovation

With lots of people now working remotely and using Microsoft Teams meetings to remain connected, it comes as no surprise to see Microsoft working on many new features for Teams meetings.

In reviewing the Microsoft 365 roadmap recently, the following Teams meeting enhancements have been added, updated or launched. It might be worth reviewing these features so that you can be prepared for them and consider how to update your users so they are aware of these changes.

Roadmap ID 63341 – let’s start with a much-requested feature lately – the ability to simultaneously view more than the current 4 video participants in a 2×2 view. The announcement      states that there is a planned increase to 9 video participants
Roadmap ID 62755 – raise hands in Teams meetings. With this feature, a meeting attendee can indicate that they want to speak by showing a raised hand icon. A welcome                   enhancement for busy meetings!
Roadmap ID 63286 – ending a Teams meeting for all participants. This feature has launched. The meeting organiser can end the meeting for all participants, rather than just hanging     up and leaving the remaining participants to continue in the meeting

Roadmap ID 63309 – For those with the Audio Conferencing capabilities, mask PSTN participant phone numbers from external users that have joined meetings
Roadmap ID 63355 – a change to the meeting join experience. Rather than anyone within the organisation being able to start a meeting, this will be restricted to those assigned a   policy to create a meeting
Roadmap ID 63351 – Who joined your meeting? When did they join and leave? Find out with participant reports in Teams meetings
Roadmap ID 63334 – access and change meeting options – such as the lobby settings – while a meeting is in progress

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