Governance: Helping IT become enablers not blockers

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By Simon Tipping on

Governance. The start point to making IT enablers not blockers

As a non-techy user, I can honestly say that I have been guilty of taking the IT team for granted. Only talking to them when I have a problem. And of course, it’s their fault!

But spare a few thoughts for them. The world has become much more complex as companies try to introduce this thing called digital transformation. On the one hand, users are demanding that they use their own chosen devices and want to work at home, in cafes, airports and planes. Anywhere but in front of a desktop. At the same time, they’re put under pressure by their organisation’s leadership to ensure they don’t fall foul of an endlessly growing list of regulatory demands.

It’s not easy being in IT.

As a marketing manager for a Microsoft Gold Partner, I get to meet many IT pros from a wide range of companies and organisations and understand their conservative nature. However, I can also see that this, whilst understandable, may be a barrier to transforming their organisation using IT as an enabler.

Microsoft 365 is a great example. It’s the most powerful suite of productivity apps in the market. Designed to offer users a range of over 30 apps to be used to suit their individual requirements. As such, they automatically arrive turned on. Hand shows at our seminars reveal that many IT pros turn most of them off and then think about a plan to progressively turn them on. Why? Because they don’t trust the likes of me not to go off and create score of Office 365 groups and Microsoft Teams teams in a completely uncontrolled fashion, creating a governance nightmare. So, what do the users do? Find other apps to download and use (Shadow IT). Which causes IT an even bigger headache.

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Governance. Microsoft has thought about this

Fortunately, Microsoft has thought about this and Silversands is helping customers to understand how to apply governance with solutions available from Microsoft.

Silversands Service Adoption Lead, Linda Parkinson-Hardman, has published a really useful blog, 5 reasons why governance matters in Office 365 user adoption. In it she states the following:

“My belief is that governance is the core foundation your organisation needs before you can even begin realising the benefits of suite tools like Office 365.”

I’ve certainly realised this is true, but if your organisation uses Microsoft 365, make sure that your IT team is aware of the need to apply governance up front and the range of Microsoft security and governance solutions available.

What’s next?

We host regular events so please do check our schedule of current seminars, webinars and events.  We also post regular blogs on the latest updates and expert advice on Microsoft 365, Cloud and Hybrid IT, User Adoption and the Power Platform, so please do follow us.

We’re here to make IT teams enablers in digital transformation. Getting the users to change the way they work is another matter and another subject. But, Silversands helps there too!

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