Exchange Server. What’s currently supported?

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Which versions are in full support or extended support? Which versions are now out of all support?

Exchange 2003/2007:

Exchange 2003 went out of all support on 8th April 2014 and Exchange 2007 went out of all support on 11th April 2017. We would strongly recommend migrating to a later Exchange version or considering moving mailboxes/resources to Exchange Online.

Exchange 2010:

Exchange 2010 went into extended support in 13th January 2015. Only updates planned are for security and critical hybrid update integrations. The end of all support will be 14th January 2020.

Exchange 2013:

Exchange 2013 went into extended support on the 10th April 2018. The final CU expected will be CU21 in mid-June. After this point, security updates and critical hybrid update integrations will be released by Microsoft. The end of all support will be 11th April 2023.

Exchange 2016/2019:

These versions of Exchange are in full mainstream support. This means that every 3 months a new CU is released and for support the current and immediate previous are supported and more importantly critical security updates will only be released for these levels.

Exchange 2016 – Extended support will be from the 13th of October 2020 and end of all support will be 14th of October 2025.

Exchange 2019 – Extended support will be from the 9th January 2024 and end of all support will be 14th of October 2025.

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