Bye Bye Basic Authentication

By Peter Holland on

Hot on the heels of the recent Silversands blog “Lets please kill legacy authentication“, Microsoft has released news that by October 31st 2020, basic authentication connections to Exchange Online services will retire for EWS, EAS, IMAP, POP and RPS.

This is a bold and worthwhile move by Microsoft to finally bring in some base level protection of organisation that use Office 365 services.

The notification in the Office 365 Message Center can be found here. 

Image: Basic Authentication Retirement Announcement

If you don’t have access to the message center the public announcement has been posted here. 

What does this mean for most organisations?

As noted in the previous article, there are likely numerous users, applications, and services that are still using legacy (basic) authentication for activities such as sending email notifications. These can be identified through the sign-in reports.

This will likely identify the need for some streams of activity to remediate clients, change user app use behaviour, and to modernise or replace services that are using basic authentication for messaging.

How can we help with authentication?

Some of these services and streams of work can be complex to facilitate, plan, organise, and enact. Many IT departments will not have experienced the depreciation of a core authentication method before, and may find working through all the impacts successfully and smoothly, with minimal productivity impact, challenging.

Silversands can ease that burden on the organisation through a flexible consultancy, from the technical planning and implementation, to end user communication adoption.

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