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Software development is a big subject. There are millions of applications being written and deployed every year to facilitate everything from a simple online form to a complex series of programmes managing an abundant number of business processes.

Microsoft can’t provide bespoke software development

Microsoft, easily the most ubiquitous business platform provider offers applications covering a myriad of business needs with a ‘One size fits all’ approach. It’s impossible for them to produce bespoke software and solutions for every business. In many cases, industries will make their business fit an application, which is sometimes far from ideal.

Software development that is completely bespoke to your business

This is where software developers can create a solution that will fit the exact specifications or business need of any company who has the desire to make their software work for them and not the other way around. By building bespoke solutions around the Microsoft eco system, businesses can utilise the power of these proven industry platforms whilst also making them work for their unique businesses.

Choose Silversands for bespoke software development

We have a team of highly qualified bespoke software development engineers at Silversands who can apply a variety of established or new technologies to solve complex business requirements and create functional, reliable platforms that will perform whatever task it has been designed to achieve. Serving the company rather than being its master.


A broad portfolio of custom software

As well as the established areas of software development such as intranets, mobile applications, web applications and business process automation, we are also able to apply our skillset to the vanguard of new technologies such as IoT and importantly the management and presentation of the data generated in that space.

Personal software development services

All our software development services are based on sound business methodology. So, to begin any project we focus entirely on a company’s needs, making sure we have a clear understanding of what is required before proceeding and with over 20 years of experience we have established agile methodologies and skilled project management to deliver value from the onset of a project.

We communicate with you every step of the way

By presenting regular iterative releases throughout the software development process and solving the most important features first, we can adapt effectively to changing requirements as the project progresses. This assures our clients that we are creating platforms precisely for them and not just re-packaging something we did earlier.

IT support services if you need it

Then we deliver the project and offer a full IT support service or extended warranty should anything go wrong with the solution. We also offer an ongoing service where further enhancements can be design and implemented.

The specific requirements of all applications are typically unique yet the skills required to solve software development challenges are often common. This enables us to be completely industry agnostic.

View our innovative bespoke software development solution we implemented for the famous Kew Gardens, or learn more about our software development services. Contact us for more information on 01202 360000 or fill out the form below.

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