Azure Translator Text API saves £60K

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By Gary Jensen on

Azure does more than you might think

Microsoft Azure is a highly capable platform offering a wide range of services and capabilities. These enable business solutions relating to virtual machines, data, analytics, media, monitoring, Internet of Things and many more. One of these key capabilities is Cognitive Services. This set of functions provides artificial intelligence processing to identify, manage, interpret, process or convert images, speech, knowledge or language.

One of our customers, a major high street retailer, had a requirement to translate a large number of English documents into several other languages. It was looking at traditional methods to achieve this before it became aware of the Azure Translator Text API.

La traduction automatique est fantastique with Azure Translator Text API

The Azure Translator Text API provides a cloud-based solution for converting text into any of 60 different languages including French, German, Spanish, Chinese and even Klingon!
Once this service was enabled, the company was able to translate its documents (totalling 5m characters) quickly and easily into five languages. Consequently, the whole process took less than a day to complete.

Image: pink piggy bank and coinsAlthough they are unlikely to be native-speaker perfect, the resulting documents were provided to the recipients and were accepted without any negative feedback.

The original quote for traditional translation services was £60-£100,000 and would have taken weeks to complete.
And the cost of using Azure Translator Text API for this job? £34.29.
That’s quite a saving in anyone’s language – even Klingon.

What Azure can do, Office 365 can follow

Although Azure Translator worked particularly well for this particular solution, Office 365 users can also access it very easily through Word, to obtain instant translations of selected text or even whole documents.

Image: Azure Translator Text API French translation overlaying translation screen

Microsoft delivers advanced development opportunities

This article discusses the use of Translator to provide agile language translation services at low cost but the reality is that this is just one of the many use cases that can be delivered using the Microsoft Azure and/or Office 365 cloud services. Other cognitive service capabilities include the ability to:

• Scan images to pull out textual data for indexing or categorisation
• Automatically moderate images and video
• Detect, analyse, identify and tag faces
• Search video for spoken words, faces and emotions
• Automate workflows based on video content
• Translate speech in real-time
• Recognise speakers
• Analyse text for sentiment.

In summary…

Azure provides very powerful capabilities to support new and exciting use cases for managing, analysing, using and working with text, image, speech and video.

How can Silversands help?

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