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High performance computing and other current needs

Your organisation, particularly if you are conducting research or testing, may need to implement specific computing solutions. For example, High Performance Computing (HPC), extreme graphical workstations, artificial intelligence, machine learning and extremely large storage and similar types of advanced configurations. In many cases you may only require a solution on a short-term basis to prove a concept or complete an isolated project. Of course, you can buy extra traditional, physical equipment, but this can be extremely expensive and burdensome from a time frame, logistics, support, management point of view. So, let’s see how Azure can help you.

Azure offers a flexible future

Regardless of whether your organisation has embraced cloud computing generally, the Microsoft Azure platform is perfectly aligned to support your extreme, unusual or time-limited high performance computing requirements. For example, Azure offers:

• Large memory Intel machines (up to 2000Gb)
• High core count machines (up to 128 virtual cores)
• Nvidia Tesla P40 and V100 graphical machines
• High Performance Compute machines
• Infiniband machines
• Dedicated virtual machines
• Up to 100,000Tb of storage.

With support for Windows and various Linux distributions, Azure can deliver you all but the most extreme of requirements.

In addition to virtual machines, Azure offers many other services and capabilities that can be deployed to create powerful business solutions. These include, but aren’t limited to:

• Database-as-a-service
• Big data
• Data analytics
• Language translation
• Artificial intelligence
• Image recognition
• Media services
• Mobile notifications.

Using Azure to deliver these requirements has many advantages:

• It avoids long procurement cycles, whilst maintaining financial control
• You don’t need to build physical infrastructure – instances can be up and running in minutes
• You can configure automation rules to power on and off machines to limit costs
• Your users can be given limited access to be able to control machine parameters
• You can configure machines to communicate with, or be isolated from, other systems in the organisational network
• There is no long-term commitment – you can be terminate services at any point.

In summary

If your organisation needs to deliver extreme, short-term or unusual computing capabilities, Azure offers an impressive range of capabilities that can support most of your requirements. With virtually instant implementation, flexible billing and powerful controls, previously difficult requirements can be delivered with ease. This means your projects can start quicker, operational constraints can be reduced and successful outcomes will follow.

How Can Silversands Help?

Working with Azure since the early days of this cloud platform, Silversands has built up significant experience and knowledge. As a result, we are ideally placed to assist you with short-term or unusual project requirements, as well as countless other Azure-based solutions. These range from infrastructure services to platform and custom applications.

To start a conversation about your needs please complete the form below, or come and talk to us face-to-face at our regular workshops . Also, we’re very active bloggers and commentators around Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and Azure, so please do follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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