Azure. The building blocks. A series of 5 webinars

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Azure. Helping you on your journey

Many organisations are thinking about ‘the cloud’ and how it fits into their future strategy.  This might cover the use of collaborative applications such as Microsoft Office 365 or it may encompass the implementation of a cloud platform, such as Microsoft Azure, to deliver line-of-business applications and similar functionality that traditionally exists in an on-premises or co-located data centre.

For those that are looking at potentially migrating towards an Azure data centre deployment, there may be questions about what that really means and how you get started.

Building an Azure data centre is very much like building a traditional data centre.  You will require an Azure subscription as the basic service and then build your ‘infrastructure’ or solutions on top of this.  Typically, this would include virtual machines to run Windows or Linux applications, will need storage, networking, security, backup, monitoring and other services to make it all work together.  The key difference, of course, is that the traditional data centre requires a whole load of hardware to make this happen whereas, in Azure, it’s all there, ready and waiting to be defined and ‘bolted’ together.

So, what is actually required to get an Azure data centre up and running? Where do you start and what are the key components that you need to think about?  What is a subscription? How do you build virtual machines and how do you monitor and back them up?

We have created a series of brief webinars which will take you through an Azure deployment and help you get a better understanding of what is required:

1. The basic building blocks

2. Migrating servers

3. Transforming applications

4. Monitoring

5. Security

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