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By Neil Hobson on

Outlook on the web enhancement

Just a quick update this time, regarding an enhancement that is rolling out now: a common file sharing experience in Outlook on the web. If you want to understand a little more about this feature, you can view the Microsoft 365 Roadmap for feature ID 51541 as you can see below:

Image: Common Office 365 file sharing experience in OWA

Before I discuss this feature, did you notice the roadmap item above refer to ‘Outlook Web App’? Back in 2015, Microsoft announced that it would simply be referred to as ‘Outlook on the web’ going forward.

Anyway, regardless of what you call this web-based email client, I can see this new feature now in various Office 365 tenancies, so let’s take a quick look.

In OneDrive for Business, it has been possible to share a file by right-clicking that file and choosing the Share option from the context menu. An example is below, where a user is looking to share a file called Common sharing experiences.docx with specific people. From this menu, the user can quickly send the sharing link to the recipients via the Send button, or could consider copying the sharing link via the Copy Link button.

Image: OD4B Send link window

Outlook on the web. How this functionality looks

With this latest enhancement, let’s see what happens now when the Copy Link functionality is used and a sharing link from OneDrive for Business is pasted into a new email message in Outlook on the Web. The link will now resolve to the file name  – Common sharing experiences.docx – rather than giving a long SharePoint URL.

Image@ Common sharing experiences Outlook attach options

While still composing the message, the link can be right-clicked to bring up the familiar sharing experience window as you can see below. Here the sharing controls can be changed as is the case in OneDrive for Business.

Image: Outlook sending and sharing options

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