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By Neil Hobson on

A few weeks ago Microsoft announced new features in Microsoft Teams, such as Meet Now functionality. It reminded me that the Microsoft Teams clients can help with staying up to date with the new features.

In the desktop or web clients, click Help on the left side of the Teams app, at the bottom. Doing so presents links for Topics, Training and What’s new.

Image: Teams Help navigation drop down

These are shortcut links to the help topics within the Teams client. These topics can also be accessed by choosing Help from the ellipsis (…) that shows more added apps:

Image: Teams find and app window

The default page on the Help menu is Topics, which has links to Microsoft documentation amongst other things. The Training menu reveals numerous short user training videos on a variety of topics ranging from an introduction to Microsoft Teams through to collaboration, working with files, starting chats, callings and meetings, and exploring apps and tools. These videos can be viewed without leaving the Microsoft Teams client!

Image: Teams Training tiled window

But what about new features? That’s where the What’s new menu option comes in. Choosing this shows the latest features that were added to Microsoft Teams, in date order. For example, we can see below that the Meet now capability was added on September 20th 2019, along with other capabilities such as calling in the Chrome browser and the ability to mute a conversation in a channel.

Image: Teams what's new page

The cool thing about these short updates is that they often include screen shots to help locate the feature or understand more about its usage. Consideration may need to be given as to whether any particular feature has been disabled by the organisation, however.
This new feature information is also shown in the Microsoft support article titled What’s new in Microsoft Teams, an extract of which is shown below. Notice how this site contains links to what’s new across the various Microsoft Teams clients, e.g. Desktop/web, iOS and Android.

Image: Teams What's new message

Another useful feature is the What’s new menu option in the mobile client. The screen below is what’s seen in the iOS client:

Image: iOS What's new menu

Selecting this option brings up the Microsoft documentation page, but scoped directly to the iOS client feature updates:

Image: Microsoft documentation page for iOS

All this information helps to stay up to date with new features in Microsoft Teams – even when on the move.
See you soon for some more nuggets!

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